Linear Algebra:Foundations to Frontiers - Notes to LAFF With
(with MATLAB - Fall 2020 Edition)

Materials for LAFFing

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The "Notes to LAFF With" (document only):

This document is your "hub". It contains hyperlinks that take you to videos on YouTube or, if you choose, downloaded versions of those videos. Start by downloading this document.

"Right-click" the picture to the right to download. Click it to view the document.

These notes are periodically updated.

LAFF Notes

The "Notes to LAFF With" (with all activities except videos):

To install the notes with all activities download and unzip it. In directory LAFF-2.00M you will then find the PDF plus all the extra material (except for the videos).

Note: the PDF may be out of date. You will want to download it separately via the above instructions!

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