Linear Algebra:Foundations to Frontiers -
Notes on Numerical Linear Algebra

An e-book that integrates the notes, answers to exercises, and a few (full lecture) videos created for an introductory graduate course on Numerical Linear Algebra taught by Robert van de Geijn at The University of Texas at Austin. The author is an expert and active researcher in the field who has published significant state-of-the-art papers on almost all subjects covered by the book. This material dovetails with the undergraduate text Linear Algebra: Foundations to Frontiers - Notes to LAFF With.

The undergraduate level Linear Algebra: Foundations to Frontiers materials were carefully designed to be an online course. It took a year of hard work on the part of several authors to design that course, create a book, and produce 250+ videos. In contrast, the graduate course is an ongoing project where Robert simply taped his lectures with a camera and made the same materials available to the world as he makes available to his own students. For some lectures, he forgot to turn on the camera... The real value is in his notes, LAFF - Notes on Numerical Linear Algebra, which has been an ongoing project for several years. Still, these are also a work in progress. In other words, these materials have not received the same level of tender loving care as their counter parts for LAFF - Notes to LAFF With.

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The above introductory graduate materials assume an undergraduate background in linear algebra. If you find you are not quite ready, consider Linear Algebra: Foundations to Frontiers - Notes to LAFF With.